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What's on the Wii/DSi shop?

Need for Speed! Faxanadu! DoDoGo!

Nintendo has an online shop too don't you know - so what's on it this week?

A demo! Remember, these are still relatively new here. It's for RoxBox, a game about crash landing on a planet and not knowing what's going on. Sounds authentic.

On WiiWare you'll find ugly iPhone port Blood Bleach, a World War II game where you'll gun down Japanese forces in a duck-hunt style manner.

Also on WiiWare: Flowerworks: Follie's Adventure, a smiley co-operative action adventure that combines top-down walk-about section and single-screen seed collection.

Both Blood Bleach and Flowerworks: Follie's Adventure cost 500 Wii Points.

On DSiWare there's Need for Speed: Nitro-X, the most expensive of today's games - 800 DSi Points. But, hello, it's got be-a-cop mode, which means you're cleared to shout, "I'm a cop you idiot!" It has four-player multiplayer, too.

The other DSiWare game is DodoGo! Challenge, a Lemmings-alike with eggs. This costs 500 DSi Points.

Also on DSiWare, Frenzic - a quick-thrill puzzle game - and Music on: Electric Guitar, an app that turns your DSi into a pocket electronic guitar.

Last but not least, Virtual Console hosts Faxanadu - an action RPG from the archaic shelf of 1986, labelled NES. This costs 500 Wii Points.

The Nintendo shop updates on Friday - Black Friday.

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