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Sony's made a new PS3 headset

This one's shiny, small and clever.

Wasn't that old PS3 Bluetooth headset big and dull? Thank goodness Sony has unveiled a new one.

This one's shiny and 30 per cent smaller, and has noise cancellation as well as a High-Quality mode for crisp and clear sound.

Like the PS3 pads, the headset has a mini-USB socket so it can be cabled to the console - enabling charging and auto pairing (getting your PS3 to recognise the mic).

The headset has six hours of charge, an easily findable mute button and a charging cradle. Incidentally, the headset can be used as a desktop mic while in its cradle.

The PlayStation blog prices the Bluetooth headset at 50 dollars. It's coming out this month.

Sony Europe doesn't have any local details yet.

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