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Nintendo hasn't discontinued Wii Speak

Amazon "discontinued" listing an error.

UPDATE: Nintendo UK has contacted Eurogamer to say it has not discontinued Wii Speak, and that the Amazon listing referenced in the article below was an error.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nintendo has discontinued its Wii Speak peripheral, according to an Amazon listing.

The product's sales page, spotted by GoNintendo, now reads "Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes."

This tallies with comments made last week by the developers of forthcoming SEGA FPS, The Conduit 2. High Voltage's creative officer Eric Nofsinger told BitMob that it was supporting the third party Headbanger headset for online multiplayer modes, rather than Nintendo's own hardware.

"Nintendo told us to not use Wii Speak," he explained.

Wii Speak, which allowed users to chat with friends online in supported games, launched in 2008, bundled with Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City. It's only been utilised in a handful of games since, including Monster Hunter Tri, Endless Ocean 2, NBA 2K10 and Tetris Party Deluxe.