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The Witcher 2 special editions spelled out

Figurine fans, steel yourselves.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is to get two different special editions for its May 2011 release, publisher Namco Bandai has announced.

The Premium Edition, which will set you back £34.99, includes a behind the scenes DVD, the game's soundtrack, a map of the game world, a game guide, a physical pamphlet, a coin "representing yet to be revealed parts of the game" and two papercraft figurines.

As rumoured yesterday, there's The Collector's Edition too, which, at £79.99, calls for slightly richer blood.

It includes all the Premium Edition's toot but then adds a 200-page artbook, a dice poker set, playing cards, stickers, a further papercraft figurine, a sculpture of Geralt, a real Temerian Omen and exclusive DLC.

The Collector's Edition is only available via online pre-order.

Anyone pre-ordering either edition of the CD Projekt-developed RPG sequel will also get another batch of free DLC, depending on which retailer you pick.

GameStop and thehut.com offer the Finisher Pack, containing additional finishing move animations and additional advanced fighting techniques.

GAME has Mysterious Merchant, which allows you to purchase unique items from a "shady tradesperson".

HMV boasts the Ultimate Alchemy Suit, offering unique items, increases the loot output and extends the duration of potions.

Amazon offers the Ultimate Swordsman Suit which contains a set of unique items, boosts sword fighting stats and increases the chance for triggering rare effects in combat.

Finally, Play.com has the Ultimate Magical Suit. This contains a unique set of items, enhances the new sixth magical sign and boosts the effectiveness of all other signs.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is due out on PC on 17th May. For more on the follow-up to the fun-but-flawed original, take a look at Eurogamer's recent interview with the game's senior producer Tomasz Gop and level designer Marek Ziemak.