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August 2004 Archive

    1. Euro GBA SP price cut may follow new US price
    2. Wideload signs with Aspyr for PC and Xbox title
    3. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    4. New games flock to EGN for unveiling
    5. World War Zero sequels, movies in consideration
    6. New Metal Gear Acid shots
    7. Evil Genius demo released
    8. Improved Harvest Moon on its way to PS2
    9. What's New?
    10. Activision's Game Stars line-up
    11. Eidos announces Game Stars line-up
    1. Half-Life 2 going gold on Monday?
    1. Acclaim update: No redundancies yet, but Chapter 11 expected 'soon'
    2. Crisis deepens at Acclaim; staff salaries unpaid
    3. Eidos plans more Deus Ex and Thief titles
    4. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2
    5. Prince of Persia 2 name revealed, new trailer
    6. Mario Party 6 to use mic peripheral
    7. Unreal Champs 2 get Mortal Kombat characters
    8. Nintendo of America announces Christmas line-up
    9. Half-Life 2 preload begins - official
    1. National talent contest for new Dance:UK title
    2. What Does It Mean?
    3. Kessen III to invade Europe in summer 2005
    4. SEGA SuperStars
    5. SEGA SuperStars
    6. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    7. Latest WWE SmackDown! game goes online
    8. MGS3 pre-orders get music, camo outfit bonus disc
    9. More Half-Life 2 videos
    10. Acclaim delisted as credit facility extension ends
    1. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
    2. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    3. Two versions of Ghost Recon 2 to be released
    4. UK Charts: Doom III still on top, Athens 2004 takes silver
    5. Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door
    6. CMR2005 single-player demo released
    7. Nintendo reveals full Game Stars line-up
    8. Metal Gear Acid playable at Tokyo Game Show
    1. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    2. Battlefield Vietnam World War II mod released
    3. Metroid movie not in production
    4. Nintendo considering more NES Classics
    5. The Sims 2 goes gold, attracts musical talent
    6. Mortal Kombat: Deception Cube port confirmed
    1. C&VG faces suspension as Future buys Dennis' mags
    2. Rome: Total War demo released
    3. Counter-Strike: Source patched
    4. GTA San Andreas trailer: right here
    5. BloodRayne to appear topless in Playboy
    6. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    7. Konami plans new karaoke titles on PS2 and Xbox
    8. Doom III Xbox 'probably not' this year
    9. Microsoft axes first-party sports line-up
    1. Sly 2: Band of Thieves
    2. What's New?
    3. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    4. Half-Life 2 preload delayed until Monday
    5. EA releases Armies of Exigo RTS demo
    6. Free Railroad Tycoon 3 expansion released
    7. Dust to dust
    8. Elixir's Evil Genius goes gold
    9. Konami unveils Kuju's new SAS title
    1. Snap up some EyeToy: Play 2 details
    2. Industry execs hoping for further price cuts
    3. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    4. Mortal Kombat to debut at Game Stars Live
    5. CS: Source beta widens, HL2 preload begins
    6. Deep Silver announces X2: The Return
    7. Metroid, Zelda II and others join NES Classics
    8. Xbox Live to host FIFA World Cup tournament
    9. Sony slashes PS2 price, Xbox makes pre-emptive strike
    1. Namco's Star Fox game delayed
    2. Nintendo reveals Euro Christmas line-up
    3. Atari RTS says 'capture, don't kill'
    4. Rodriguez, Madsen and Davis join BloodRayne cast
    5. Viewtiful Joe 2 gets US release date
    6. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    1. Simply sets up summer sizzler
    2. Counter-Strike: Source
    3. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    4. KOTOR and others could face 'issues' with XP SP2
    5. UK Charts: Doom 3 scores first 2004 No.1 for PC platform
    6. Ninja Gaiden showdown at Tokyo Game Show
    7. Half-Life 2 script leaked?
    8. Rob, ball and shop in GTA: San Andreas
    9. Killzone sequel already in development?
    1. Sony signs exclusive deal with Evolution Studios
    2. Football Manager 2005
    3. The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay
    4. Resident Evil Outbreak
    5. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    6. Details of Rare's Pants puzzler
    7. Carmack hard at work on id's next FPS
    8. The Rock will not star in Doom movie
    9. Halo 2 Live to support four players on one Xbox
    10. Knights of the Old Republic 3 stalled by lay-offs?
    1. Starship Troopers' 'Whiskey Alpha' scene reborn
    2. Paul Oakenfold working on EA titles
    3. See your face in Football Manager 2005
    4. PlayStation Experience heads to Alton Towers
    5. FlatOut
    6. Shrek 2
    7. What's New?
    8. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    9. Warner Bros. acquires Matrix Online dev Monolith
    1. Mob game 'virus' was developer gaffe - security firm
    2. The Getaway sequel still on track in UK
    3. Iridion dev working on DS shooter
    4. Konami planning MGS3 Limited Edition in Japan
    5. Half-Life 2 preload begins soon
    6. Ubisoft announces Alexander RTS
    1. Vivendi announces Scarface game
    2. Ubisoft talks up POP2 combat system
    3. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    4. Want to know where you can play CS: Source?
    5. Ben Kingsley joins BloodRayne film cast
    6. Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack released
    7. UK Charts: Spider-Man 2 makes it five weeks at the top
    8. Fable
    9. Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space
    10. Army Men: Sarge's War
    1. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    2. Vivendi and DJs sign up to Game Stars Live
    3. Take a tour of San Andreas, and go for a dip
    4. 'No European X04 event' - Microsoft
    5. Mist Walker working on two new RPGs
    6. Valve begins preloading CS: Source
    7. New video footage on Pikmin 2 website
    1. Yamauchi on Gran Turismo 4 PSP and PS2 status
    2. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    3. Two-minute Worms Forts trailer
    4. MOH: Pacific Assault delayed again
    5. OpFlash 2 now set for spring 2006
    6. Doom duct tape mod and Radeon guide
    7. Halo 2 to make playable debut at Game Stars Live
    1. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    2. Catwoman
    3. What's New?
    4. Winning Eleven 8
    5. Square Enix confirms Euro FFXI pricing
    6. Toby Gard returns to Tomb Raider franchise
    7. Worms Forts demo released
    8. Full Spectrum Warrior gets PC bonuses
    9. BioWare working on new game engine
    1. Battlefield 2: The CA Court Marshall
    2. War of the Ring dev plans new RTS venture
    3. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    4. John Carmack on Doom III, add-ons, Q3A open-source and id's next game
    5. Metroid Prime 2 demo for US gamers
    6. ShellShock: Nam '67 release date finalised
    7. Obsidian developing Neverwinter Nights 2
    8. WarioWare 2 using motion sensor, not D-pad
    1. Bill Gates interested in buying Nintendo
    2. Prince Of Persia 2
    3. Sudeki
    4. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    5. Sudeki 2 not in development
    6. Resident Evil 4 now due in early 2005
    7. Ubisoft plans teen horror game
    8. Kristanna Loken signs on for BloodRayne film
    1. Ratchet Ups His Arsenal
    2. Sega Europe signs Children of the Nile
    3. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    4. Romero and McGee collaborate on game
    5. UK Charts: Spider-Man clings on to number one slot
    6. Sega confirms Shenmue Online
    7. Majesco to publish Psychonauts?
    8. Climax mentions Sudeki sequel
    9. Burnout 3: Takedown
    10. Men of Valor: The Vietnam War
    11. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
    12. Spider-Man 2
    1. Eidos announces CM5 for PS2 and Xbox
    2. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    3. Final Doom III trailer released
    4. Brothers In Arms repelled until 2005
    5. Italy to see FFVII: Advent Children first
    6. GoldenEye creator plans to discuss his experience
    1. Doom III leaks?