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Ubisoft plans teen horror game

And it's not a Mary-Kate and Ashley licence. In fact, it's a teen movie style survival horror game, with a couple of interesting ideas. Due out this September.

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It's hard enough going to school in America these days, we'd imagine, without the constant threat of teachers turning into aliens, murderers with ghost outfits, hooked hands and William Shatner masks, and Courtney Cox bashing on your door for comment every fifteen seconds (or more now she's got Friends out of the way). But there is undeniably a lot of value in putting obnoxious big-breasted brats within blood-curdling distance of the horror du jour, so it's not too surprising to learn that we'll be playing a survival horror game about five American students stuck in a school this September.

Ubisoft is the brains behind this, it seems, having announced plans to join forces with MC2 to publish and distribute a game called Obscure in the UK this September on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. It's a "real-time 3D survival horror" game that follows five students into their school, Leafmore, to investigate mysterious goings-on. Overnight. Presumably with little armament and easily torn clothes. Interestingly though, apart from the usual blend of item swapping, puzzle solving and demon clobbering, we can also expect to have a second player plug in or give up on the fly, which ought to make for an interesting change.

As soon as we hear more about Obscure, we'll be sure to pass it on. In the meantime, throw on your best plastic bosoms and scared expression and venture into the dark recesses of these three screenshots. Whilst walking backwards and saying, "I'll be right back."

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