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And The Rest: Friday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day.) New Sacred expansion and patch announced. Er, yep, that's your lot for now.

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Late last week, Ascaron announced plans to expand its Diablo-ish slasher Sacred - for free. 'Sacred Plus' is still on track for release in October, adding 15 new weapons and all sorts of other jolly bits and bobs to the equation. But now it seems we can also look forward to an official paid-for expansion in early 2005 as well. Sacred Underworld will pick up where the original game left off with more underground action, obviously, even sailing rather close to the fires of hell on occasion. There will also be new stories, monsters, items, armour, and two new characters: the dwarf, and the succubus. Oh, and you can also get your hands on a new patch for the original Sacred today. Here. version 1.7 beta 38, donchaknow.

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