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Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day. Allegedly.) Square Enix reg's a trademark, demos of Myst IV and Arena Wars, Zoo announces Pool Shark 2.

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Square Enix has registered another inexplicable name at the US Patent & Trademark Office, and some eagle-eyed boffin has dug it up. Registered on July 26th, "Dawn of Souls" is the name, and we have no idea what it is, but it seems to be related to game software and accessories, unsurprisingly. Still, that doesn't mean it's a new Square RPG or anything obvious like that - in fact, we're guessing it's a mechanical pigeon developed to try and save the world from the impending invasion of the giant ants. Because we're tired.

Ubisoft has released a 191MB demo of Myst IV: Revelation. Surprisingly enough, it gives you a taster of the Ubisoft Montreal-dev'd point and clicker, and although we have no idea what the following words mean, we've been advised to print them by way of context: "puts players in Atrus' room, which contains a number of objects, a trademark Myst puzzle, and an FMV flashback of Atrus' daughter." Search us. Download here.

Not enough for you? Well, exDream Entertainment has also released a demo this week - in fact, two. Single and multiplayer demos of Arena Wars to be precise, although they amount to largely the same thing; the single-player demo features one single-player tournament from the full game, versus online match-ups in the, er, multiplayer demo. Both also work on a LAN. Interestingly, as 3D Gamers notes, both require you to have an existing installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. God knows why. If you do and you're game, here's the link you'll need.

World Championship Snooker series developer Blade Interactive is working on another clack-'em-up, this time for Zoo Digital, entitled Pool Shark 2, which we're informed will be the most realistic pool game around. Ah, but will it be more fun than Pool Paradise? That's the question. Anyway. What it will be, for what it's worth, is, well, pool, with motion-captured players, 10 locations to unlock, a trick shot mode (check) and online capabilities, which is promising. It's due out on PS2, Xbox and PC this November 12th, and this is what it looks like.

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