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ShellShock: Nam '67 release date finalised

Killzone developer's Vietnam title finally gets the green light after an aborted attempt to release it in June.

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Eidos' Vietnam title ShellShock: Nam '67 is now set to launch on PS2, Xbox and PC on September 3rd in Europe and September 14th in the States, the British publisher announced yesterday, amidst hopes the game can be spun into a franchise.

Developed by Killzone chaps Guerrilla Games (their last non-PS2 title, in fact, after Sony tied them up with an exclusivity deal), ShellShock was originally due out in June, but was held back to "provide this important new franchise with a better opportunity to deliver its true potential".

In actual fact, a number of print publications reviewed it some time ago, and we recall that some of the write-ups weren't wholly flattering. Eidos European MD Jonathan Kemp was upbeat about its prospects in his address to the City yesterday.

"ShellShock: Nam '67 is an important release for Eidos, especially as it is the first game of what will hopefully prove to be a very successful franchise," he said. "We are giving the game significant marketing support across all media, and in conjunction with the very positive press coverage already received, we are confident that ShellShock: Nam '67 will perform strongly at retail."

We'll let you know what we think of ShellShock as soon as we get our hands on it. You can find more details and a trailer amongst other things by checking our previous things we've written about it.

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