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Killzone sequel already in development?

That's what the kids are saying. And it won't be on PlayStation 3 either, apparently.

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Dutch developer Guerrilla Games is already working on a sequel to ambitious first-person shooter Killzone, according to a report on IGN this week. Apparently publisher Sony is so confident of the game's success that it has already commissioned work on a follow-up, although neither the publisher nor the developer has made an announcement.

A sequel to Killzone would hardly come as a shock though, even now. Sony signed up Guerrilla to an exclusive development deal on the strength of the ambitious first-person shooter, which has been on the receiving end of plenty of hype from the specialist press so far, often with the words "Halo-killer" not too far away.

According to the report, Guerrilla has confirmed that the scope of the original game called for sequels, and that further games were certainly planned and expected, but the developer had nothing official to announce. However, IGN also claims that it glimpsed the cover of a Killzone 2 design document during a recent press excursion, and also managed to confirm with a Guerrilla employee that the game would not appear on PlayStation 3.

Interesting stuff, then, but barring any further leaks we wouldn't expect to hear anything more on a Killzone sequel until some time after the first game is released - which, according to Sony's latest schedule, will be in either October or November of this year.

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