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This And That: Wednesday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day. Sometimes.) Sony declines to comment on Siren 2 reports, Xenosaga Episode II dated, Capcom considers Devil May Cry soundtrack set, Chaos League patched, N-Gage gets Worms.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has declined to comment on reports that a successor to first party survival horror title Siren is in development. According to various websites, the sequel to Siren - known as Forbidden Siren in Europe - will be unveiled in the next issue of Japanese games magazine Famitsu. If it is, we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, you can remind yourself about Forbidden Siren by reading our review here.

Namco has finalised the US release date for Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose. The PS2 exclusive second chapter (well, episode) in the epic RPG saga is due out in February 2005. Hang on... February isn't a release date! It's a month! Crivens. Anyhow, if you enjoyed the first one, then you'll already know that you need this - if only to find out whether it's possible to achieve a higher ratio of cut-scenes-to-actual-gameplay. And of course because it was ace. There's still no sign of either version on European release schedules.

Capcom has apparently caved in to public demand in Japan and now plans to release a pair of Devil May Cry soundtracks. According to reports, Japanese company Tanomi.com convinced Capcom to release soundtracks providing that there was enough demand, and Capcom agreed as long as 1,000 people pre-ordered them. As a result, it looks like fans are going to get their way - the soundtrack set will apparently feature 73 tracks on two discs for the first game, and 51 tracks on two discs for the second. If you're interested, we suggest you investigate this website.

Cyanide Studios' Chaos League has been patched to version 1.02, as you can see from this neatly presented readme file. Amongst the changes are a number of minor bug fixes, and a number of gameplay specific balancing adjustments, by the look of it. You can download the 15.9MB patch by heading here.

According to reports, owners of the underperforming N-Gage can look forward to a new attraction this November when a port of Team 17's Worms World Party makes the transition, featuring wireless multiplayer via Bluetooth, and allegedly the same via N-Gage Arena, which would be a first as far as we can remember. Worms certainly sounds like a good choice for conversion - the turn-based antics of various wrigglers should translate quite easily, and there's also the capacity for downloadable backgrounds and the like. Along with the Bomberman N-Gage game, this is one we're quite interested in...

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