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Metal Gear Acid playable at Tokyo Game Show

Which isn't much good to you lot, but does at least mean we'll find out some more about it. Check inside for screenshots and a downloadable version of the E3 trailer.

PSP title Metal Gear Acid will make its playable debut at the Tokyo Game Show next month between September 24th and 26th, Konami has confirmed, where it will join Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater as one of the focal points of the publisher's display.

Despite showing us rolling footage of the game and releasing a few details at E3 earlier this year, Konami has yet to give us a firm idea of what to expect from Acid. We do know that it will use a similar look and feel to the MGS titles, and make use of most, if not all, of the series' vast array of characters, but in gameplay terms things are a little hazier.

What we do know is that it will not be a live action MGS title like PlayStation One and PS2 offerings. Instead it will be a turn-based effort that sees Solid Snake making various moves per turn while guards patrol, and drawing cards to dictate his options -one card might allow him to break a neck, we're told, while another might give him access to a rifle.

According to vague reports from Japan, the number of cards snake can use in a mission depends on the number of points he's been given in advance, but in a sense that just presents more questions. The same reports also tell us that Snake will be joined by a new female agent as his partner, which, again, leaves us wondering just who will be coming out of retirement to lend a hand.

We should know a lot more though, by the sound it, following the game's bow at the Tokyo Game Show next month, and given our regularly-professed love for all things Metal Gear, you can be sure we'll do our best to let you know the deal. In the meantime, we have screenshots for you to enjoy, and because we're such nice chaps we've also mirrored Acid's E3 trailer (around 2MB) on Eurofiles so you can remind yourself how the game looks in motion.

We hope to bring you more on Metal Gear Acid in the near future.