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Rodriguez, Madsen and Davis join BloodRayne cast

A trio of vampire hunters join Uwe Boll's adaptation project, which has already attracted Kristanna "Terminatrix" Loken and Sir Ben Kingsley.

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Michelle Rodriguez, Matt Davis and Michael Madsen have joined Kristanna Loken and Sir Ben Kingsley on the cast list for Uwe Boll's forthcoming movie adaptation of Majesco's BloodRayne.

Davis and Madsen will play Sebastian and Vladimir, two of the greatest vampire hunters, while Rodriguez will handle the role of Katarin, who runs the local Brimstone Society chapter - them being BloodRayne's employers.

Loken and Kingsley have already been confirmed in the roles of BloodRayne herself and Kagan, King of the Vampires respectively. Apparently she's his daughter or something - we're guessing though, him being king of the vamps and all, that he probably dies rather horribly. Again.

As you probably already know, the film is set in 18th century Romania and follows the ideas of the game - that a "sexy, supernatural huntress named BloodRayne," who is "an explosive force with gymnastic dexterity" and "an intense lust for blood and action" is trying to hunt down and eliminate supernatural threats around the world.

Principal photography for the film will begin later this month. The game BloodRayne 2, by the way, is due out this October.

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