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Ubisoft talks up POP2 combat system

And you can download a video of them doing it too, and check out some footage taken from the game at the same time.

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Ubisoft has released slightly more information about Prince of Persia 2's vaunted Free Form Fighting System, including a video interview with creative director JC Guyet, which lasts just over three-and-a-half minutes and features quite a bit of gameplay footage. You can download the video interview from Eurofiles now, assuming 18MB isn't too much to ask.

In addition, Ubisoft confirmed that the game will feature some 63 different weapons split amongst five main classes. Each class will "force the player to fight with a different rhythm" according to the publisher, and each class will have one specific special attack linked to it. The player can also trigger deadlier attacks, including decapitations, that utilise his main weapon and one of his backup secondary weapons - and will be able to throw the latter at any time.

As you may recall from our interview the other week, however, the Prince's second weapon is breakable in POP2, so he won't be able to rely on it for very long. Producer Yannis Mallot told us, "the way our secondary weapons are designed is exactly the same concept in Lord of the Rings for the Orcs weapons, you know, they're kind of cheap, they're made quickly," adding, "they don't last that long, so we encourage players to get new stuff as often as possible."

"As soon as he has two weapons in his hands he can enter this dual weapon fighting mode, which is pretty devastating for enemies. I can throw weapons too, then I stun the enemy, and we have kept the famous counter move from the original. When the enemy has its back to me, I can perform the Strangulation move, one of the most powerful in the game. This is adding depth, and at the same time I kill the guy and then get to take his weapon," he concluded.

For more on Prince of Persia 2, check out the complete interview here.

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