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Sudeki 2 not in development

Despite mentioning the game in a job ad on its website, Climax now says that it was merely a typo, and that Microsoft holds the keys to the franchise.

Sudeki 2 is not yet in development, according to developer Climax, despite a job posting widely reported yesterday that seemed to suggest it might be. With the game picking up middling reviews and not even out in Europe, we did wonder why Climax was talking about a sequel at this stage...

So, in the end, it's not much surprise that it's not. "It is actually a typo", a representative for the developer told GameSpot. "As Microsoft holds the IP to the game Climax would not announce a sequel unless Microsoft approved the project to be done and chose Climax as the developer."

The cause of the confusion, a job ad on the Climax website, had said: "Climax is developing a wide range of games for leading publishers including: [next-generation title] Codename Avalon, ATV Fury III, Sudeki 2, Moto-GP 3, The Final Option, Hot Wheels, [the Xbox port of] Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Tron 2.0 [another Xbox port], Dragon Wars and other exciting projects yet to be announced."