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Climax mentions Sudeki sequel

Apparently it's in development, but we'll probably have to wait quite some time for details given that the original isn't out over here yet.

The original has enjoyed something of a mixed reception so far (including a rather unhappy write-up elsewhere on this website today), but Climax is already developing a sequel to Xbox exclusive RPG Sudeki according to a job posting on the company's website.

Although the developer is not seeking direct help on the project, the title did come up in connection with a Business Development post, which included the following line: "Climax is developing a wide range of games for leading publishers including: Codename Avalon, ATV Fury III, Sudeki 2, Moto-GP 3, The Final Option, Hot Wheels, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Tron 2.0, Dragon Wars and other exciting projects yet to be announced."

That's by no means absolute confirmation of a sequel - we'd imagine that the game's fortunes at retail will have something of a say in that - but it's the closest indication so far. The original Sudeki, recently released in the US, is due out in Europe on August 27th from Microsoft.

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