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Latest WWE SmackDown! game goes online

But will you be able to smell what other players are cooking?

THQ has finally confirmed that the awkwardly named WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw will feature online play. The PS2 exclusive wrestling title will also feature voice work from most of the wrestlers involved, too, although certain classic combatants will obviously be unable to contribute.

THQ and developer Yuke's have yet to confirm what sort of online options PS2 owners can expect from this year's instalment in the most successful of all the publisher's wrestling franchises, other, that is, than to say that the game will feature online head-to-head bouts. Which we might have guessed on our own, really.

Still, we should know more in the near future, what with the game being due out in November and all - and there's every chance that Yuke's will do a good job of it too. Although SmackDown! vs. Raw will be the first wrestling title in the West to feature online play, the developer already has experience releasing similar titles in its native Japan.