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OpFlash 2 now set for spring 2006

Bohemia Interactive remains quiet, but publisher Codemasters updates its website to reflect a new release target.

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Operation Flashpoint 2 will not appear until spring 2006, according to publisher Codemasters. The Britsoft publisher and developer Bohemia Interactive have yet to reveal any new information or assets.

Late last week, Codemasters' public release date list was updated with the news that the PC-only title would appear in spring 2006, after the game once again missed E3 this May. Fans had been expecting an official delay, but judging by the response on community forums it had widely been anticipated sometime in 2005.

For the moment, all we have are the details Codemasters announced just prior to E3 in May 2003, which you can find here. At the time we were told to expect it by the end of this year.

Meanwhile, Xbox title Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is still this summer/autumn, although it looked a little ropey when we saw it at E3 this year - following rumours the previous September that suggested development of the Microsoft port was holding up the sequel.

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