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EA releases Armies of Exigo RTS demo

One-level single-player demo has you surviving a plane crash, ducking through a magical forest and cracking seals on the catacombs. In 3D.

Electronic Arts has released a single-player 'work in progress' demo of Black Hole Games' forthcoming 3D real-time strategy title Armies of Exigo, which is due out in Europe on September 10th.

The one-level demo apparently has you helping the survivors of a plane crash - members of the Empire - navigate the perils of magical forests and dodging the attentions of the Beast army. As if they didn't have enough problems, eh? To survive, it says, "you must break the two seals that protect the entrance to the catacombs." Well obviously.

The demo weighs in at 102MB and you can download it from this page. You can also find a few new movies of the game in action on that page. And if you've no idea what all this Armies of Exigo stuff is in aid of, see here for more details and screenshots.

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