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BioWare working on new game engine

But nobody knows much about it yet.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

BioWare is working on a new game engine, the noted RPG developer confirmed overnight, but has yet to reveal how the new technology will be applied. When asked for comment, the Canadian firm issued a statement confirming development of the engine, but ignoring speculation as to its intentions.

"BioWare is always hard at work on great future gaming technology, and with the BioWare Eclipse Engine we're building something which we believe will really make people in the industry sit up and take notice," the company told US press sources.

Development of the "Eclipse Engine" first came to light after the BioWare registered the name with the US Patents and Trademark Office as "software used to create full multimedia electronic games to be played on a computer or other video game platforms".

Speculation is already rife that the engine could power the newly announced Neverwinter Nights 2, which Atari is publishing and BioWare associates Obsidian Entertainment will be developing - with "tools" and "technology" provided by BioWare.

Another theory is that the Eclipse Engine could power one or other of Jade Empire and Dragon Age, both of which are in development using as-yet undisclosed engines. But the developer will not be drawn. "We'll release more information on the BioWare Eclipse Engine at a later date," the company concluded.

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