Neverwinter Nights 2

Key events

12th April 2007

NWN2 expansion revealed

4th November 2006

Neverwinter Nights 2

4th August 2006

Neverwinter 2 beta testing

FeatureYour fondest Obsidian game memories

"My favourite was shooting Darcy in the bollocks."

Inside Obsidian: How RPG's greatest survivors kept the lights on

"They say the path to Hell is paved with good intentions."

FeatureRummaging through Obsidian's drawer of game ideas

Star Wars! Snow White! Prey 2! Warhammer 40K! "There's tons of them."

Baldur's Gate remade in 3D as a free Neverwinter Nights 2 mod

It only took seven years, the slackers.

Obsidian's next-gen game "already looking great" says Feargus Urquhart

South Park: The Stick of Truth out this year.

GameSpy blames publishers for old PC games losing its service

"We cannot be expected to provide a service free of charge."

Is Obsidian's new RPG called Eternity?

Countdown points to Friday as new clues emerge.

BioWare's "regret" over forum hack

EA promises to bolster security.

Cryptic making Neverwinter Nights MMO?

"Primary reason" for sale to Atari - Variety.

NWN2 add-on coming next week

Mysteries of Westgate to cost a tenner.

Neverwinter Nights 2 expands again

Storm of Zehir on horizon.

FeatureThe History of BioWare

They just keep rolling.

NWN2 gets downloadable add-on

First of a few. Will cost.

NWN2 expansion revealed

Mask of the Betrayer ahoy.

FeatureNeverwinter Nights 2 toolset

Bad workmen blame their tools. And not reading the manual.

Neverwinter Nights 2

Winter: it'll all be over by Christmas [spring, surely - Ed].

NWN2 toolset next week

For pre-orders in US/Europe.

Neverwinter 2 beta testing

Multiplayer and toolset.

Atari's Leipzig line-up

TDU, NWN2, AITD, etc.

No premium mods for NWN 2

Says man in the know.

FeatureNeverwinter Nights 2

Part 2: More time talking to the Obsid-don.

FeatureNeverwinter Nights 2

Part 1: We make a Date With the Night.

FeatureNeverwinter Nights 2

S'drawing in. Tom borrows someone's pointy hat.