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Neverwinter Nights 2 expands again

Storm of Zehir on horizon.

Atari has announced Storm of Zehir, a second expansion for D&D beast Neverwinter Nights 2.

The 15-hour campaign, due for release in Q4 this year, promises a massive inventory of improvements and focuses on a quest-line directly after the original's conclusion.

Probably the key change is the ability to explore a "vast" overland map, which basically translates to being able to move around the faithful old Sword Coast and new "xenophobic jungle nation" Samarach in a non-linear fashion, using skills such as 'Spot' and 'Survival' to pre-empt ambushes and discover hidden treasures and locales.

Storm of Zehir will also revert to a party model similar those seen in Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate, allowing full-party customisation rather than sticking you with the pre-rolled troupe of adventurers that populated NWN2.

Wearing the baddie hats this time around are shape-shifting bastards the Yuan Ti, borrowed from the Forgotten Realms. These slithering gits emerge as the force majeur attempting to baffle the economic regrowth of the Sword Coast and Chultan Peninsula after the death of the King of Shadows, although we're pretty sure economic destabilsation is probably going to transpire as a means to a more nefarious end.

Atari has also promised a responsive economic and political structure, adapting to the growth of your trading company, as well as party feats, teamwork bonuses and a nice round of cream teas once it's all over. [What on earth is going on here? - Ed]

Essentially, it's a bit like The Apprentice, with Alan Sugar replaced by a giant, semi-humanoid snake beast.