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NWN2 add-on coming next week

Mysteries of Westgate to cost a tenner.

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Atari has announced that Neverwinter Nights 2 adventure pack Mysteries of Westgate will launch on Wednesday, 29th April.

The pack will cost 10 dollars or pounds or Euros, and be available to download from the Atari Store.

Mysteries of Westgate is made by Ossian Studios - not to be confused with NW2 developer Obsidian Studios - which was noticed after creating Neverwinter Nights module Darkness over Daggerford.

This adventure pack has around 15 hours more D&D content to uncover, based on the underground Night Masks organisation and a plot to overthrow the city of Westgate. Complimenting the new story will be professionally voiced characters, a brand new musical score and plenty of new gameplay content.

Once upon a time we had been prepared for Mysteries of Westgate launch in late 2007. We're not sure what the hold-up has been, but there's plenty more information to be found over on the official Mysteries of Westgate website.

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