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Starship Troopers' 'Whiskey Alpha' scene reborn

See Empire's forthcoming game version thanks to a new trailer available from Eurofiles.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Empire Interactive has released a trailer of its forthcoming Starship Troopers game, in development at internal studio Strangelite. You can download the 40MB file from Eurofiles here.

The trailer, which lasts just over two-and-a-half minutes, focuses on the Whiskey Alpha scene from the film, which saw the Troopers ambushed by an enormous number of bugs. Although it's not quite the swarm we remember, it's still impressive to see so many of the ravenous bastards scraping at the sides of the outpost.

It also features lots of the little set-pieces you probably remember from the film, including flying bugs that favour decapitation, plucking Troopers out of midair with spiked feet, and one of the enormous Fire Bugs that managed to engulf various Troopers' appendages on the big screen.

Not content with that, you can also see a hatful of new screenshots here. Expect to see more of Starship Troopers over the next few months. It's due out in Q2 2005.

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