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Final Doom III trailer released

Get a look at the Half-Life-style intro section and a not inconsiderable amount of the mainstay action. Available from Eurofiles now.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

id Software has released what's said to be the final downloadable trailer of Doom III, as the game prepares to launch in the US this week - as early as today according to a number of reports over the weekend. You can download the trailer from Eurofiles.

The 40MB-odd QuickTime trailer is split half and half between footage from the game's Half-Life-style playable introductory sequence and what happens after, as we're so fond of putting it, all hell breaks loose. We reckon it's running in High Quality visual mode - the third highest of four.

The first segment shows your Marine's arrival at the UAC Mars installation, where he spends a while acclimatising to his new surroundings, using his PDA (to view training videos, listen to audio logs and read email), eavesdropping on conversations about the increasingly erratic management of the facility, and becoming acquainted with the mysterious goings-on down below the surface.

The second half, naturally, is pure action set to the Doom III theme tune we pointed you at the other week, as our latest Doomguy probes the dark recesses and blood-splattered walls with his flashlight, dodges the encroaching hellspawn and lets rip with chain guns, plasma rifles and more besides.

With the game due out in Europe on August 13th, most of us haven't long to wait before that'll be our flashlight. In the meantime, the trailer can be had from Eurofiles here.

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