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World War Zero sequels, movies in consideration

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley reckons World War Zero has serious potential across various mediums, likening the developer's offering to that of Hollywood studios.

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Jason Kingsley, CEO of Britsoft developer Rebellion, reckons that the firm's recently released FPS World War Zero has serious franchise potential, and has been talking up the possibility of comic, game and big screen sequels and spin-offs ahead of its trade showing at EGN this week.

"As soon as we acquired the IP licence, we've looked at varying mediums the push the concept further," he said on Friday. "So far, we have commissioned a comic strip to appear within our 2000 AD publications, but we believe it can go further, ideally into game sequels and possibly even movies."

"Hollywood has used this business model to great effect, the recent comic book character movies and games being one example," Kingsley added. "What we offer to the consumer is on par with Hollywood in terms of quality and engagement albeit on a smaller scale."

World War Zero: Iron Storm is out now on PS2 and reviewed here.

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