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Evil Genius demo released

See if world domination tickles your fancy with a 194MB demo of Elixir Studios' strategy title. On Eurofiles now. (See. Look right.)

EA's GoldenEye: Rogue Agent may be the higher profile title, but we reckon Elixir Studios' forthcoming strategy game Evil Genius may well be the better bet for budding Bond baddies, lack-of-a-licence notwithstanding. But hey, now you can make your own mind up by playing the demo, which is available on Eurofiles here.

The 194MB demo features a tutorial followed by an early mission from the full game, which is due out from Vivendi on October 1st in Europe. Your mission will involve building a base, playing around with various "minion types" (including machine-gun mercs) and preparing to be attacked by some do-gooding government agent types. Spoilsports.

You can find more details (including system specs and other exciting factoids about the game) by checking out the readme file here, and you'll need DirectX 9.0b in order to play it.

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