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Nintendo of America announces Christmas line-up

And there are a few games that get the jump on Europe, unsurprisingly, which you may want to consider importing. Like Mario Tennis, for example.

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Nintendo of America has followed Nintendo of Europe's example (better cut out and frame that sentence, kids, it's a rarity) and sent out a list of its planned autumn and early winter releases for GameCube and GBA.

Although the handheld listing is roughly as anticipated, the Cube one is interesting from the perspective of anybody with an itchy FreeLoader and a will to import. For example, the news that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door will be released in the States on October 11th - a whole month ahead of its Nov 12th launch in Europe - is bound to tickle a few credit cards.

Meanwhile, there's Mario Tennis on November 8th, which didn't even make it onto Nintendo of Europe's Christmas line-up. In slightly better news for us over here though, we'll barely have to wait at all for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, which is due out in the States on November 15th, just 11 days prior to its November 26th launch here.

Other interesting items on the list include Capcom's Viewtiful Joe 2, which is apparently due out on November 23rd (Capcom Eurosoft reckons we'll see it in spring 2005 over here), and Mario Party 6, which for some reason or other wasn't on NOE's line-up at all, but should be out on December 6th in the USA.

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