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Resident Evil 4 now due in early 2005

Capcom US finalises the release date for its latest survival horror epic. Oh it's this winter all right, but...

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GameCube exclusive Resident Evil 4 is due out in the USA on January 11th, Capcom officials across the pond have apparently confirmed overnight. That's technically not a slip though, since it falls within the previous "winter 2004" target, although that's probably not much comfort to most.

The game is still listed as "spring 2005" for Europe, but for anybody hoping to FreeLoad their way to Resi 4 delights pre-Christmas, it looks like you're out of luck. That said, there's still the Japanese version, BioHazard 4, which might pitch up in time - and if that follows the previous Cube titles' lead and features lots of English, it might be just the thing.

We'll certainly let you know either way, assuming we can disguise the expenses claim sufficiently. They're going to start asking for evidence of the 54 'broken keyboard' claims we've filed this year if we don't keep our heads down.

For more on Resident Evil 4, including movie footage, have a look at our impressions of the game here.

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