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Ben Kingsley joins BloodRayne film cast

He's Kristanna Loken's dad, apparently.

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Publisher Majesco has told US website GameSpot that Oscar winning thesp Ben Kingsley has signed on to play vampire overlord Kagan in Uwe Boll's movie adaptation of BloodRayne.

Apparently Kingsley is free to play Kagan after work on Steven Spielberg's thriller Vengeance was suspended due to fears over terrorism. As Kagan, BloodRayne's father, Kingsley can look forward to being mean and then probably dying horribly.

Meanwhile, another report this week, on, suggests that Michelle Rodriguez (of Resident Evil, Fast And The Furious fame) is being considered for a role in the same film. It won't be the title role however; that was snapped up last week by Terminator 3's Kristanna Loken.

Due out next year, BloodRayne is based on a script by Guinevere Turner, who scripted American Psycho, and everybody is hoping it'll be a bit better than director Boll's most noted work - the critically mauled House Of The Dead movie.

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