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Kristanna Loken signs on for BloodRayne film

She's going to terminate all the vampires.

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Kristanna Loken is set to play the title role in Uwe Boll's film adaptation of BloodRayne, the game series' publisher Majesco announced this week. As Rayne, apparently she's going to be driven by vengeance to overthrow her father Kagan, king of all the vampires. (And manager of Manchester City Football Club.)

Loken, whose most notable work involved pretending to be an emotionless robot in red leather opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 3, will begin shooting BloodRayne on location in Romania this August, having recently completed work on a film called Kingdom in Twilight.

"I loved Kristanna in T3 and am excited to see how she brings the character of Rayne to life," said producer Shawn Williamson. We're just amazed she signed on. Perhaps it was the script that tempted her - penned by Guinevere Turner of American Psycho fame. Or maybe it was Boll's reputation as master director of the likes of Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead.

Hrm. Probably not, actually. Speaking of Boll: "Kristanna Loken is perfect for BloodRayne," he said. "She is strong, tall, athletic, sexy - everything that BloodRayne is." Let's hope Boll can bring those characteristics to life on the screen. Or, rather, to death, since Rayne is sort of not one of the living. Okay we're confused.

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