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Italy to see FFVII: Advent Children first

Feature-length Final Fantasy VII follow-up movie set to appear at the Venice International Film Festival this year.

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Italy will be the first country outside Japan to witness Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in any way, shape or form, judging by reports over the weekend that a special preview version will be screened at the Venice International Film Festival this September.

The festival, which runs from September 1st to 11th, will showcase Advent Children in the new "Venezia Digitale" category, which includes feature-length films never publicly screened outside their home country. FFVII: Advent Children has only been seen in trailer form so far, but is expected to appear on DVD in Japan this summer.

"We are honoured to be a part of Venezia Digitale, this exciting new category that highlights the value of innovation and artistry of digital imagery," director Tetsuya Nomura said of the film's inclusion. "As we continually strive to create digital entertainment that pushes the boundaries of technology and art, we welcome the opportunity to become a part of the world cinema community through the Venice International Film Festival."

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