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Snap up some EyeToy: Play 2 details

The new mini-games sound fair enough, but the CCTV-like SpyToy mode and other camera functionality enhancements will surely prove most interesting.

Sony has announced details of EyeToy: Play 2's new games and camera functionality, and announced a November release target across all PAL territories. The package of 12 new games is undergoing development at Sony's London Studio, the original creators of the EyeToy concept.

Although the new games are bound to attract attention, it's some of the new camera features that are most EyeCatching. A new SpyToy mode, for example, allows you to set the little web-cam up as a sort of CCTV unit, recording or photographing people as they pass by the screen, and even popping up a message when they do.

In the new Boxing mini-game, Motion-Cam will log the speed of your punch to measure its strength, while Sonic-Cam will allow you to shout instructions at the screen. Colour-Cam enables players to use brightly coloured objects as controllers, and Cutout-Cam will literally cut you out and superimpose you on other backgrounds.

There's also MiniVision, which photographs you and the room and projects a smaller version further away from the action - allowing you, for example, to play goalkeeper with a striker in the foreground, or stand on the batting plate in Home Run while the pitcher ramps up to strike. It also facilitates movement around 3D game environments, according to Sony.

Other new mini-games include the cleverly named Kung2, which features all sorts of high-kicking; DIY, which presumably involves nailing up shelves or something; Mr Chef, which involves making burgers and fries; and Table Tennis, which, er, involves table tennis, we're guessing.

Sony is also promising a new four-player mode where players take quick-fire turns in a multiplayer tournament, and more than 80 bonus games. There are no screenshots available yet, but we're expecting to see some in the near future. The game will be released exclusively on PS2 in November.

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