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Majesco to publish Psychonauts?

Reports suggest that Tim Schafer's ambitious platformer has been given a new lease of life by the BloodRayne chaps. Mental.

Majesco has agreed to publish DoubleFine Productions' platformer Psychonauts, according to reports in the US press overnight. According to GameSpot, a video trailer for the game shown at a recent awards show also sported a Majesco logo.

Psychonauts, in development under the guidance of former LucasArts man Tim Schafer, had been on its way to Xbox as part of an exclusive publishing deal with Microsoft, until the platform holder decided to renege on the deal at the end of March this year.

Although Microsoft didn't really clarify why it was no longer handling Psychonauts, the game's unusual premise - the player controls a psychic named Raz as he journeys through the minds of psychiatric patients - was a suspected stumbling block following the critical failure of quirky exclusives Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Voodoo Vince.

Nevertheless, MS said it would be "supporting Tim Schafer and DoubleFine in their search for a new publisher," and several firms were said to be interested. Schafer has yet to comment on the latest reports, but expect to hear more in the coming days.