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Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack released

If Ninja Gaiden couldn't kick your arse before, chances are it will do from now on.

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Xbox Live owners can finally get their hands on downloadable content for Ninja Gaiden this week, as Tecmo's "Hurricane Pack Volume I" muscles in to swallow our bandwidth.

Featuring a new weapon, new enemies and even a new camera engine, the Hurricane Pack, which is available for free, has been engineered to rejig certain elements of the adventure and push players harder than ever before.

This, for those bewildered by Tecmo's desire to make the game harder, is in order to facilitate the second round of the Master Ninja Tournament, which measures players' performance over the course of the game.

Details of the European tournament, which was announced only recently and takes place on a different schedule to the US version, can be found here, and you can find out more about the Hurricane Pack itself here.

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