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Nintendo considering more NES Classics

"If there's demand." Which, given that there are five of the blighters in the Japanese Top 10 at the moment, we're guessing there probably will be.

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Nintendo is contemplating another round of Famicom Mini/Classic NES Series titles, on the back of the continued success of the retro Game Boy Advance series in Japan. The third series of classic games, released this month, currently occupies no fewer than five slots in the Japanese Top 10 according to Media Create.

And according to a report in a Japanese newspaper, that may not be the end. "With the third series released to the market on the 10th [August], we believe interest was temporarily settled," a spokesperson for Nintendo comments. But, "it's the responsibility of the company to respond if there's demand from users." In other words, don't be too surprised to see more Famicom Mini titles announced in the coming months.

Originally conceived as a 20th anniversary tribute to the NES, the Famicom Mini/Classic NES Series outstripped all expectations at retail and became - and remains - quite a lucrative little money-spinner for Nintendo. Despite its budget price point, each title sold is almost pure profit.

Nintendo also recently announced plans to launch several new titles, including Zelda II and Metroid, in the US this October following their successful launch in Japan this month. Nintendo has yet to send word on a release for any of the new titles in Europe - the territory where, to date, the series has enjoyed the least retail success.

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