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KOTOR and others could face 'issues' with XP SP2

Microsoft's latest Service Pack could cause problems for PC gamers, judging by an exhaustive list of games that "may experience issues" published on the company's website this week.

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Microsoft has revealed that a number of games - including high profile titles like Max Payne 2, Command & Conquer: Generals, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and WarCraft III - may experience compatibility problems with its forthcoming Service Pack 2 for the Windows XP operating system.

Service Pack 2's new built-in firewall feature is apparently responsible, but the degree to which the games will run into problems seems to vary. According to Microsoft, some programs will merely need to be enabled in order to make use of them, but some will find that frequently used data pages are now blocked by the firewall as they are easy targets for hackers.

Fortunately, advanced users should be able to turn off the firewall feature if they run into problems when Service Pack 2 is released later this month. A full list of the programs, including games, which "may experience issues after you upgrade to Windows XP SP2," can be found here.

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