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New games flock to EGN for unveiling

Introversion, Rebellion, Cenega and Hip Games bring titles from big name developers including Digital Extremes to this week's European Games Network trade event in London.

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While the publishing big guns battle for control of the thousands of game-hungry consumers clogging up the halls of the neighbouring Game Stars Live, a number of smaller firms are planning to quietly showcase their wares to trade and press at the European Games Network this week, according to various recent announcements.

Recently confirmed exhibitors include Introversion Software, developer of cult PC classic Uplink, who will be on hand to show off Darwinia - a blend of action and strategy with a graphical style reminiscent of Tron and Defender - for the first time, ahead of the game's early 2005 release.

Another local lot, Rebellion, will also be around, debuting PS2, Xbox and PC title Sniper Elite. Set in Berlin in 1945, the game focuses on an elite sniper recruited by the American OSS to retrieve Nazi Atomic secrets before the Russians got to them, helping to spark the subsequent Cold War. Heavy subject matter, but Rebellion reckons it'll work.

Elsewhere, Hip Games will have Digital Extremes' Pariah on display, alongside Blue 52's Stolen, and CT Special Forces: Fire For Effect, and Cenega has just confirmed that its third-person action-horror title Shade: Wrath of Angels, which recently went gold, will be on display too. Having given the game an extra year to show its true colours, Cenega reckons it's really onto something now. "We truly have a complete package," says Cenega's Wayne Meazza.

We'll be on hand at EGN this week to report on some of those, and the host of others already announced. Head here for a full exhibitor list.

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