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Free Railroad Tycoon 3 expansion released

More maps, trains and tools - plus a patch - for PopTop's train empire simulation.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PopTop Software has released a free expansion pack for Railroad Tycoon 3, which includes a 'final' version 1.04 patch and a host of new maps, trains and tools for the developer's locomotive empire building sim.

The Coast to Coast expansion weighs in at 119MB, and you can download it here. Amongst the additions are 13 new maps (including the "Coast to Coast" scenario - a sprawling map of the entire US - and maps in Russia, Poland, China, Mexico and elsewhere), eight new trains, and three new skinning tools.

The 1.04 patch element also fixes up a number of problems with the game, and adds a few balance tweaks and new features. You can find more details in the readme file, which is online here.

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