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Metroid movie not in production

Nintendo claims that "misleading" reports prior to E3 painted completely the wrong picture of the project, although John Woo is still attached to some degree.

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Nintendo producer Yoshio Sakamoto has denied that the film adaptation of Metroid has moved into production in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, describing reports to that effect as "misleading".

A month prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, The Hollywood Reporter said that John Woo planned to co-produce the movie with an option to direct. "This type of story has a proven track record of success with film audiences," the report quoted him as saying, adding that the finished product could be on the silver screen by Christmas 2005. However, according to Sakamoto, "There's been no progress."

"There were some misleading reports before the E3 that Metroid's production was confirmed," he said. "But to be accurate, it's that the company that John Woo works for has gained the rights to negotiate with Nintendo of America to make Metroid into a movie. Metroid's production hasn't been officially decided yet, and there's no release plans for it," he said in clarification.

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