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Iridion dev working on DS shooter

Nanostray is due out in early 2005, and features spaceships and amnesia. Perhaps you scratch your head with the stylus.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Iridion developer Shin'en Multimedia is working on a Nintendo DS title called Nanostray, judging by a product page on the German developer's website. Its set to be published by Majesco in Q1 2005. See that? Eh? That's a screenshot. Possibly several.

Nanostray, then, is a 3D actiony shooter thing, in which you pilot a small red spaceship having woken up - with amnesia, natch - in a state of some confusion. Shin'en is promising 10 levels, a wireless two-player mode and online high score tables.

There are no more details on the game's official webpage (we stole them all), but you can go there anyway if you like. Here's a link.

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