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Half-Life 2 preload begins - official

Log onto Steam for more details of the game we've all been waiting for...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The long-awaited pre-load programme for Half-Life 2 has begun, with Steam users being offered the chance to start pre-loading Valve's uber-sequel as of now.

News of the pre-load leaked out via various forum posts a week or so ago, and indeed we were provided with what has been proven to be an early look at the pre-load advert on Monday. But despite a few minor delays, it appears Valve has now resolved any remaining issues and is confident of being able to cope with demand ahead of its proposed late September release.

Unsurprisingly, when we tried to join the pre-load we were told that the servers were too busy. Just as well Valve is giving its massive audience plenty of notice ahead of Half-Life 2's release date, which many have predicted will be the end of next month. Maybe even September 30th, for old time's sake...

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