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GTA San Andreas trailer: right here

(Update: new, high resolution version available.) Step right up for your first look at what is bound to be the biggest game of 2004.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rockstar Games has now released the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas trailer that we told you about earlier in the week. The reasonably sized 11MB WMV file features around a minute of gameplay footage from the Los Santos area of the game.

You'll see cars with bouncy suspension, ballers, plenty of jiggly ladies, gangbangers pulling wheelies, smoking joints and picking up from the local fast food eatery, getting their locks trimmed, and generally living it up in Rockstar North's sun-drenched vision of Hollywood.

Watch out also for aeroplanes, choppers, burglaries, the 'Vinewood' sign, and plenty of that little something the game desperately needed: hills. We can't wait to see what actually goes on up in the Vinewood hills - heck, we've been to LA and we've not even seen the real ones - and we're hoping for the odd ramp, too.

Anyway. You can get your hands on the trailer right now over at Eurofiles. Right here in fact. And, if you haven't already, be sure to check out our introduction to Los Santos and wider preview based on our first look at the game earlier this month.

Update 23/08: You can now download a higher resolution version of the same trailer here. And no, we don't understand why the file size is slightly smaller either. Trust us though, it's a bit better to look at. Enjoy.

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