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Doom duct tape mod and Radeon guide

I can see clearly now there's a torch strapped to my gun. I can also optimise the game to run on low-end Radeons. (Hrm.)

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As you probably realise by now, Mars is suffering a stationery crisis. Caught up in the aftermath of some braniac's masterful decision to invite Satan round for tea and slaughter, UAC marines are being wiped out in their hundreds - and it's all thanks to a lack of duct tape, forcing them to relinquish the ability to see whenever they need to shoot anything. Which is often.

Fortunately, some bright spark on the Internet has taken pity of the dastardly UAC's doomed marines and packaged up an industrial load of the finest duct tape fingers can code, available right now from this address. Hopefully, with tape firmly applied, marines will never again have to worry about switching off as some ravenous flame-chucking hell-fiend pops up, giving them a better chance of survival in tough situations.

Meanwhile, another benevolent Doom dodger has taken pity on those who are unable to see properly for another reason - choppy frame rates - and concocted a Doom III graphics optimisation guide for lower end cards, namely the Radeon 8500, 9000 and 9200 series boards. If you're struggling with one of those, or have one and still quite fancy heading to Mars this Friday, you may find this useful.

(Oh, and before anyone holds us over the flames, we'd be silly not to point out that the duct tape mod, while useful for some, may or may not do anything for you. Heck, you may enjoy Doom III to a greater extent without it. We recommend taking a spin around Mars and Hell before you give it a go. And please don't hold us over any flames - we're hot enough as it is.)

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