August 2015 Archive

    1. The modern day Thief reboot that never was
    2. The obscure baseball game that went on to be the PC's second highest ranked game
    1. Borderlands co-creator wants Gortys to replace [spoilers] in future titles
    2. Metal Gear Solid 3: From Russia with love
    3. Video: The unlikeliest things killed by Lara Croft in the old days
    4. Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta on Xbox One
    5. Can last-gen consoles handle Metal Gear Solid 5?
    6. Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser DLC looks like the expansion fans have been waiting for
    1. ArenaNet explains Guild Wars 2 going free, and the addition of raids
    2. Borderlands fans get married during Gearbox PAX panel
    3. Video: Metal Gear Solid 5 and Mega Man Legacy Collection - The Eurogamer Show
    4. Jon Blyth on: Microsoft Jackpot
    1. Mighty No. 9 demo coming to backers in September
    2. XCOM 2 delayed to February 2016
    3. Borderlands movie in the works
    4. Dying Light developer announces FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15
    5. Who needs a new F-Zero when the Wii U's got Fast Racing Neo?
    6. Cliff Bleszinski reveals gravity-defying FPS LawBreakers
    7. What returning to Gears of War says about the series' future
    8. The Taken King makes big changes to Destiny's weekly activities
    9. Double Fine reveals Headlander, a body-swapping Metroidvania
    10. This War of Mine: The Little Ones out on PS4 and Xbox One Jan 2016
    11. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Metal Gear Solid 5
    12. Let's talk about Street Fighter 5
    13. Ark: Survival Evolved, Company of Heroes and Mount & Blade free to play on Steam this weekend
    14. Kickstarter for Rollcage spiritual successor canned
    15. Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory director Clint Hocking returns to Ubisoft
    16. Shovel Knight the first indie game to get an Amiibo
    17. Steam hardware pre-orders score free Rocket League and Portal 2
    18. Valve's virtual reality headset Vive gets "limited release" in 2015
    1. Forza Motorsport 6: a list of all 460 cars
    2. Here's how Michael Fassbender looks in the Assassin's Creed film
    3. Until Dawn death scene censored in Japan
    4. Rainbow Mika is in Street Fighter 5
    5. Surprise! Dying Light now has a co-op console demo
    6. Video: We have made some terrible Super Mario Maker levels
    7. Acclaimed indie puzzler Year Walk headed to Wii U
    8. Street Fighter 5 worldwide beta test begins midnight Friday
    9. AMD's new R9 Nano - the ultimate GPU for small form-factor PCs?
    10. Nova-111 fills its turn-based world with real-time elements
    11. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 gameplay footage, post-graphics change
    12. Minecraft: Story Mode Wii U marks series' Nintendo debut
    13. Trine 3 dev says "future of the series is now in question"
    14. Until Dawn review
    15. Kerbal Space Program set to land on Wii U
    16. We've got 3000 Might & Magic Heroes 7 closed beta keys to give away
    17. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter funded in under 12 hours
    18. Devil's Third review
    19. Video: Introducing Low Batteries, a series about mental health and gaming
    20. F1 driver uses game to practice one of this season's most audacious overtakes
    21. Digital Foundry vs Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
    1. Proteus dev reveals Russian fairytale adventure Forest of Sleep
    2. The Binding of Isaac's Greed mode detailed
    3. The Witcher 3 sells 6m copies in six weeks
    4. Hyper Light Drifter delayed again, now due "spring 2016"
    5. Amazon Underground makes hundreds of F2P Android games actually free
    6. Mighty Switch Force! Academy announced, on Early Access
    7. YouTube Gaming launches today
    8. Assassin's Creed Syndicate PC due a month after consoles
    9. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and sequel to be re-animated for PC
    10. UK charts accused of "snobbery" over Everybody's Gone to the Rapture soundtrack snub
    11. DRM-free Bethesda games now available from
    12. Divinity: Original Sin 2's narrative is fuelled by dizzying, twisted multiplayer
    13. Zombi review
    14. Angry Birds developer Rovio to lay off 260 staff
    15. Funcom unveils The Park, a single-player horror set in an abandoned theme park
    16. Dirt Rally gets head-to-head multiplayer
    17. Diablo 3's big patch 2.3 goes live
    18. Is it too late to start playing Hearthstone?
    19. Yakuza 5's Western release will include all Japanese DLC
    1. Earthbound's vinyl soundtrack is finally coming west
    2. Watch 15 minutes of Dying Light's The Following expansion
    3. Galak-Z is coming to mobile devices next year
    4. Hear Nolan North's first turn in Destiny
    5. Splatoon's original soundtrack is called Splatune
    6. Nidhogg dev's latest, Flywrench, is coming to Steam next month
    7. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain already being streamed on Twitch
    8. Rockstar Editor coming to Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4, Xbox One in September
    9. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition free via Xbox Games with Gold in September
    10. The final Metal Gear Solid trailer from Hideo Kojima
    11. Grand Theft Auto 5 visuals polished up via PC mod
    12. WRC 5 brings together hardcore racing talent for its modest, fun reboot
    13. Earth Defence Force for PS4 and Vita confirmed for Europe
    14. Hearthstone 99/1 to be a part of the Winter Olympics 2030
    15. Video: Has the Sniper Ghost Warrior series learned from its mistakes?
    16. Starbound unveils major colony update
    17. Sony dates Tokyo Games Show PlayStation press conference
    18. What's the deal with Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransactions?
    19. Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta on PS4
    20. Shutshimi looks like a WarioWare game made by Treasure
    1. Barkley 2's live-action trailer is an amazing spoof
    2. Global survival sim Eco launches on Kickstarter
    3. PlayStation Plus' free September offerings revealed
    4. Grow Home wins PSN Instant Game Collection poll
    5. All the instruments compatible with Rock Band 4
    6. Professional Lumberjack 2016 falls to PC and console this November
    7. Super-sized Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo revealed, but it's not cheap
    8. Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament expansion release date
    9. Star Fox Zero, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Tennis release dates
    10. Ezio voice actor replaces Assassin's Creed Chronicles dialogue
    11. The Phantom Pain is unlike other Metal Gear games
    12. Watch Street Fighter 5's Birdie KO Ryu with… snot
    13. Assassin's Creed Chronicles now a three-part series set in China, India, Russia
    14. Pokémon World Championship players arrested over alleged gun plot
    1. The least realistic things video games think cars can do
    2. The Paradox of Fredrik Wester
    3. Digital Foundry vs ultra-wide 21:9 PC gaming
    4. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was super, smashing, great
    1. Ashes of the Singularity: the first DX12 gaming benchmark tested
    2. Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection is more than just a remaster
    3. Video: Ian plays Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's multiplayer, is once again rusty
    4. Video: Layers of Fear, Volume's level builder and new games galore - The Eurogamer Show
    5. Alexis Kennedy on: How it happened to happen
    1. Half-Line Miami, a free fan-made crossover, is out now
    2. New Rise of the Tomb Raider video demonstrates the non-lethal approach
    3. Nintendo patents console without a disc drive
    4. Metroid fan realises HD Samus in Unreal Engine 4 tech demo
    5. Payday 2 is free to play this weekend on Steam
    6. Sony announces a £729 Metal Gear Solid 5-branded walkman
    7. Grand Theft Auto series has shipped over 220m copies
    8. Madden NFL 16's new trailer is bats*** insane
    9. Dota 2's Rick and Morty announcer pack out now
    10. Blatant plug: Simon Parkin's Death by Video Game is out now
    11. Pokémon fighter Pokkén Tournament lands on Wii U in spring 2016
    12. Video: Metal Gear's storyline explained just in time for Metal Gear Solid 5
    13. Gunstar Heroes' 3DS outing is another triumph for M2
    14. Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega review
    15. PC to get game-sharing via Nvidia GeForce Experience app
    16. Left 4 Dead characters join Zombie Army Trilogy
    17. Batman: Arkham Knight's PC "interim patch" due in the next few weeks
    18. Chatroulette users find themselves playing a real-life first-person shooter
    19. Kerbal Space Program to launch on Xbox One
    20. Digital Foundry seeks video production staff
    1. Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon lets you play as a tiny walrus
    2. Heroes of the Storm sneaks in Duck Hunt mini-game
    3. Face-Off: Zombi
    4. Video: Why the tutorial is the best bit about Volume
    5. Cities Skylines: After Dark release date, price detailed
    6. 13 cult classic Dungeons & Dragons video games hit
    7. iOS version of Final Fantasy 7 rolling out now
    8. Final Fantasy Portal app includes Triple Triad
    9. Everquest 2 to experiment with permanent "prison server"
    10. Everything we just learnt about Destiny: The Taken King
    11. PS4 gets its own preview program
    12. Street Fighter 5 beta returns today
    13. All five République episodes to be collected for PS4 next year
    14. Sky Rogue delivers the romance of aviation
    1. Octodad: Dadliest Catch swims to Xbox One next week
    2. Armikrog release date announced for August
    3. Video: Ian plays the Black Ops 3 beta, is rusty
    4. Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces free trial planned
    5. You can vote on which game the developer of Max: the Curse of Brotherhood makes next
    6. Pac-Man 256 is a generous F2P game from the developer of Crossy Road
    7. A great explanation for how oldschool graphics worked
    8. Video: Can Sublevel Zero bring back Descent's greatness?
    9. EGX 2015: Play 20 minutes of the new Homefront
    10. The insanely popular free-to-play Frozen mobile game is coming to Xbox One
    11. Vloggers given official advertising guidance
    12. Digital Foundry vs Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
    13. Amazon cans trade-ins
    14. McDonald's Mario toy fingered in wank prank
    15. Spelunky completed in 101 seconds, a new world record
    16. Gearbox and 3D Realms settle Duke Nukem lawsuit
    1. Bridge Constructor is heading to Xbox One this week
    2. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime sets a release date night
    3. Video: ZombiU vs Zombi graphics and gameplay comparison
    4. Double Fine's former COO launches crowdfunding platform offering return on investment
    5. Planetary Annihilation: Titans announced, released
    6. Rainbow Six Siege delayed to December
    7. Xbox August update adds 1080p60 Windows 10 streaming
    8. Batman: Arkham Knight to get The Dark Knight Batmobile
    9. Skylanders Battlecast collectible card battler announced
    10. Video: How much harder is The Witcher 3 NG+? Here's some gameplay and impressions
    11. EGX 2015: HTC Vive playable, Valve dev session on VR
    12. DriveClub's latest update makes some big changes
    13. Sony dates Paris Games Week PlayStation conference
    14. Unauthorised Amiibo device tricks Wii U with data for any figurine
    15. Warhammer 40K Deathwatch to get asynchronous "play by mail" multiplayer mode
    16. Here's what Zombi looks like on PlayStation 4
    17. Volume review
    18. Beyond Eyes review
    19. The Talos Principle leaked for Xbox One via ESRB listing
    20. Volume delayed a "couple weeks" on Vita
    1. Red Ash wants another $247k for its anime spin-off
    2. Uncharted Collection will add two new difficulty settings
    3. Torchlight developer teases its next game Hob
    4. Resident Evil 2's fan remake has been cancelled
    5. Promo: 300,000 free Steam games up for grabs!
    6. This week's free Witcher 3 DLC is...
    7. Microsoft gives Gears of War Ultimate Edition the 2006 Mad World trailer treatment
    8. Video: The best end songs ever
    9. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 soundtrack detailed
    10. Chinese console crowdfunding project manages to rip off PS4 and Xbox One
    11. Witcher 3 mod tools released
    12. Kingdom Hearts 3 features Disney's Big Hero 6
    13. The Force is strong with the limited edition Darth Vader-inspired PS4
    14. Otherland MMO rebooted and set for Steam Early Access launch
    15. 3DS homebrew hacker to release YouTube exploit
    16. Watch Final Fantasy 7 re-imagined as a 2D beat-'em-up
    17. Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to PS4
    1. Digital Foundry vs Xbox One streaming on Windows 10
    2. Metal Gear Solid 2: The first postmodern video game
    1. Why I will never call video games a hobby
    2. Digital Foundry vs Rare Replay
    3. Video: Rare Replay, SUPERHOT and The Escapists: The Walking Dead
    4. Video: How does base building work in XCOM 2?
    1. Metal Gear Solid's 90s radio drama gets an English fan dubbing
    2. Animal-based action-RPG Stories: The Hidden Path is coming to PS4
    3. ARK: Survival Evolved developer is giving away $25k in modding contest
    4. Guillermo del Toro doesn't want to make another game
    5. Our first look at Batman: Arkham Knight's 1989 Batmobile in action
    6. Dragon Age Inquisition: The Descent review
    7. Nintendo pulls 3DS game as homebrew exploit looms
    8. The Chinese Room: A look behind Britain's boldest studio
    9. New ZX Spectrum out 24th August
    10. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow studio pitched Metroid game to Nintendo
    11. This is Pac-Man 256, a game based on a glitch
    12. Xur the vendor is selling Gjallarhorn, Destiny's most powerful weapon
    13. Nintendo employee fired after podcast remarks on localisation, fans
    14. After five years of Xbox exclusivity, Call of Duty switches to PlayStation
    15. Skill tree: Prune and the quiet ecstasy of the botanist
    16. Twitch plays Dark Souls, we all die together
    17. Lego Jurassic World tops the US retail charts for July
    1. Star Wars Battlefront details the Conquest-like Supremacy mode
    2. How to unlock 'very high' quality in Windows 10's Xbox One streaming app
    3. Spelunky true ending speedrun sets a new world record
    4. I am Bread bakes up free Team Fortress 2-themed DLC
    5. Edmund McMillen announces surreal police sim Fingered
    6. Smite Xbox One gets a release date
    7. Splatoon's Rainmaker ranked battle mode drops this weekend
    8. It takes nine days to unlock everything in Super Mario Maker
    9. There's a new Warhammer 40K game coming this autumn
    10. Dying Light expansion The Following announced
    11. Video: Where's the hype for these huge games?
    12. The Taken King makes huge and important changes to Destiny
    13. The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 boosts console performance
    14. Larian heads back to Kickstarter for Divinity: Original Sin 2
    15. Watch the ambitious swordfighting of Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    16. Frontier ports RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 to mobile with no in-app purchases
    17. Phil Spencer on Xbox's big year
    1. EA removes player accused of sexual assault from NHL 16 cover
    2. The 7th Guest's fan-made sequel reaches $40k Kickstarter goal
    3. The Flock flocks to Steam and the Humble Store next week
    4. Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4 is due next week
    5. Capcom announces Resident Evil 2 remake via T-shirt
    6. £129 Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller nearly half price at Amazon
    7. PS4 to get YouTube broadcasting, Communities and more
    8. Rocket League gets spectator mode, new arena
    9. ESL to test pro Counter-Strike players for cannabis use during Cologne tournament
    10. Mooncrest developers cancel their Kickstarter
    11. Metal Gear Solid: The first modern video game
    12. The unlikely story behind YouTube's most-viewed gaming video
    13. Grip, the spiritual successor to Rollcage, takes to Kickstarter
    14. Rayman creator Michel Ancel has made a Super Mario Maker level
    15. Everything in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta
    16. Now there's a Hulkbuster mod for Grand Theft Auto 5
    17. Rodea the Sky Soldier delayed to November
    18. Why Destiny ditched Peter Dinklage
    1. GTA5 modders who made their own multiplayer banned by Rockstar
    2. Sony will let Plus members vote on the PS4 Instant Game Collection
    3. Video: Why Cities: Skylines won't sell you DLC in bits and pieces
    4. Clearing confusion about boss battles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    5. You can actually run in Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
    6. Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries developer Grin closes down
    7. Rare Replay's Nintendo 64 games run at 1080p
    8. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review
    9. One and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions set for price hike
    10. Video: Eurogamer plays Sonic Dreams Collection
    1. Galak-Z: The Dimensional review
    2. ESPN's report on Dota 2's The International is a step in the right direction
    3. Rare Replay studio's first UK chart-topper since Banjo-Kazooie on N64 in 1998
    4. The Soulful machinery of Armored Core
    5. Broken Sword and 25 years of Revolution
    6. Energy Hook latches on to Steam Early Access this week
    7. Pixels: the Eurogamer review
    1. Digital Foundry vs the Halo 5 Gamescom demo
    2. Video: Homefront face scanning and WoW expansions - The Eurogamer Show
    3. The epic in the edgelands
    1. Skulls of the Shogun is getting an animated series
    2. Ori and the Blind Forest is getting an expansion this year
    3. Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon is out now on Steam and iOS
    4. Watch 20 minutes of Mad Max gameplay
    5. Lara Croft GO dated this month for iOS and Android
    6. MGS5: The Phantom Pain gets multiplatform image comparisons
    7. Watch Chris Roberts unveil Star Citizen's multi-crew demo
    8. John Wick VR shooter announced for 2016
    9. Square Enix working with Just Cause 3 developers on Final Fantasy 15's airship
    10. 20-player Dota 2 is as chaotic as you'd expect
    11. Can WOW's next expansion bring its legion of lost heroes home?
    12. Gamescom Bulletin: Day 3
    13. Xbox One will let you record live TV for free next year
    14. Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Evie can become invisible
    15. We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine
    16. Mafia 3's setting is great
    17. Video: Watch 25 minutes of exclusive Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition PS4 gameplay
    18. Yager has lost Dead Island 2, but it still has Dreadnought
    19. EA to release games on Thursdays now in the UK
    20. Scalebound is a different kind of Platinum Game
    21. The Eurogamer Gamescom day two podcast extravaganza
    22. Mad Max releases rig requirements for its PC version
    23. Watch someone complete Fallout 3 as an infant
    1. Crusader Kings dev goes boldly into space with Stellaris
    2. Cities: Skylines reveals After Dark DLC
    3. Fallout 4 won't have a level cap
    4. Battlefield 4's Night Operations DLC sneaks out in September
    5. World of Warcraft: Legion expansion adds new Demon Hunter class
    6. Motörhead is getting its own Victor Vran expansion
    7. Nintendo dates Mewtwo Amiibo for October
    8. Watch Blizzard's reveal of the next World of Warcraft expansion here
    9. Arcadia Baes: A Life is Strange spoilercast #2
    10. Mario returns to McDonald's Happy Meals in UK next week
    11. Video: Wandering around the show floor at Gamescom 2015
    12. Final Fantasy 15 release date narrowed down to 2016
    13. Hearthstone at Gamescom: a fireside chat with Blizzard
    14. The Gamescom Bulletin: Day 2
    15. Blizzard announces new Reveal mechanic for Hearthstone
    16. Gamescom Bulletin: Day 1
    17. Less than two months from launch, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 changes art style
    18. Everything you need to know about Metal Gear Solid 5's Mother Base
    19. Sony's Uncharted movie now set for summer 2017
    20. Looks like Telltale's The Walking Dead is coming to Wii U
    21. Gearbox's team-based shooter Battleborn out February 2016
    22. Submerged review
    1. The Crew's upcoming DLC and updates detailed in new trailer
    2. Dynasty Warriors dev is making an Attack on Titan game
    3. The Eurogamer Gamescom day one podcast spectacular
    4. Aer trailer merges Skyward Sword with Journey
    5. Dark Souls 3 debuts gameplay in new trailer
    6. Nippon Ichi's Yomawari looks like Silent Hill meets Earthbound
    7. Watch a Malboro monster take out Noctis and co in Final Fantasy 15
    8. Crackdown 3 tech demo details destructible environments
    9. Dragon Age: Inquisition gets The Descent DLC next week
    10. Mega Man Legacy Collection release date set this month
    11. Mario 64 speedrunner posts $1k bounty for reproducing glitch
    12. Pillars of Eternity expansion The White March: Part 1 out 25th August
    13. Rare Replay reveals the Kameo 2 we never got
    14. In Mafia 3 you play a Vietnam veteran in 1968 New Orleans
    15. Blizzard Gamescom 2015 media briefing live report
    16. Bungie ditches Destiny's Dinklage dialogue for Nolan North
    17. Blizzard announces Infernal Shrines map for Heroes of the Storm
    18. The people behind Project Cars are making a Red Bull Air Race game
    19. Konami scores Euro 2016 license for PES
    20. FIFA 16 introduces Draft mode for Ultimate Team, and builds upon career mode
    21. Mighty No. 9 delayed to early 2016
    22. Lego Marvel's Avengers release date delayed to January
    23. EA Gamescom 2015 conference
    24. A closer look at EA's cute puzzle platformer Unravel
    25. Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode gameplay footage
    26. Horizons expansion announced for Elite: Dangerous
    27. Here's new Mirror's Edge: Catalyst gameplay
    28. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes release date
    29. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain shows Snake turning into a devil
    30. New Final Fantasy 15 trailer shows what happens 15 years before the game begins
    31. Ex-BioWare devs launch Kickstarter for action-RPG Mooncrest
    32. Humble Bandai Namco Bundle includes Dark Souls and Enslaved
    33. World of Warcraft subscriptions at nine-year low with 5.6 million
    1. Battlefield Hardline details next DLC expansion Robbery
    2. £450 Halo 5 Pink Mist Edition has an actual Needler gun
    3. Microsoft Gamescom 2015 conference live report
    4. Cities: Skylines, Ark and more indies announced for Xbox One
    5. Rash from Battletoads is now in Killer Instinct
    6. Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay footage features actual tombs
    7. Scalebound reveals first gameplay, four-player co-op
    8. Crackdown 3 will offer 100 per cent destructible environments
    9. Halo Wars 2 confirmed for Xbox One and PC
    10. Homefront: The Revolution is already a big improvement on the original
    11. Quantum Break release date revealed
    12. Smite developer unveils team shooter Paladins
    13. Trine 3 launches proper 20th August
    14. Face-Off: World of Tanks
    15. Rare Replay review
    16. MGS5: The Phantom Pain bumps PC release forward to match consoles
    17. Angry Birds 2 review
    18. N++ review
    19. Fake swatting prank leads to popular Twitch streamer getting banned
    1. Red Ash Kickstarter falls $280k short of its goal
    2. Batman: Arkham Knight gets a Photo Mode on PS4
    3. Watch Everybody's Gone To The Rapture's mysterious launch trailer
    4. Rock Band 4 reveals 11 new songs
    5. Dota 2 tournament offers $18m prize pool
    6. Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Battletoads soundtracks headed to vinyl
    7. Football Manager player sims English Premier League for a thousand years
    8. Here's Vega in Street Fighter 5
    9. DriveClub overtakes 2m sales
    10. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition comes with all the Gears games
    11. Looks like Final Fantasy 12 HD Remaster is real
    12. Resident Evil 2 remake pitched to Capcom by Resi HD producer
    13. Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition finally gets the HD textures it deserves
    14. The best bits from the wonderful Summer Games Done Quick 2015 speedrunning event
    15. Cambridge researchers design game to treat schizophrenia
    16. New article on Konami paints a bleak picture
    17. Victor Vran review
    1. Video: Battletoads' infamous turbo tunnel revisited
    2. Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts
    3. Japan's indies rise again
    4. Why From Software's worst game is worth learning from
    1. Video: Gamescom 2015 and making a dodgy Fallout Pip-Boy
    2. Jon Blyth on: Clicker Heroes
    3. Fallout 4 fan releases schematic for 3D printed Pip-Boy
    4. Tangiers sneaks onto Steam this November