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Watch someone complete Fallout 3 as an infant

Bringing up baby.

Fallout 3 features a funny glitch in which players can escape the game's tutorial while playing as a baby. While always good for a laugh, this kooky bug was oft thought of as nothing but a ludicrous lark. Yet YouTuber Bryan Pierre decided to turn this glitch into the ultimate challenge: to save the Capitol Wasteland as an infant.

Just yesterday he did it.

So what does being a baby change? It makes you move a lot slower for one as you're merely crawling on the ground. You also can't swim normally.

What being a baby doesn't change is your precision with a pistol. As we all learned from Who Shot Mr. Burns, babies may be small, but give them a gun and they're just as deadly as anyone.

Hilariously, when you go into third-person mode you see not an infant, but rather a very tiny adult that looks like a toy soldier running around the post-apocalypse.

Pierre did have to use a mod to get the Pip-Boy to work on his tiny baby wrists, but the rest of it is regular old Fallout 3.

Upon completing this incredible run, Pierre decided to try it again as a child. Unfortunately, this proved to be impossible due to the game not allowing children to pick up a key item. Oh darn!

"I tried to complete the game as a child after doing it as a baby," he explained in his YouTube notes. "However, it turned out to be impossible to complete the game as a child so I was not able to finish, but I got pretty far." You can check out this novel run below.

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