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Video: ZombiU vs Zombi graphics and gameplay comparison

1003 Days Later.

In my opinion, ZombiU - despite being a launch title for the console - is still one of the best games for the Wii U. It mixes survival horror and permadeath mechanics together perfectly, and to this day remains one of the only games on the system that actually bothers utilising the gamepad for something other than just a secondary map screen.

Now almost three years since ZombiU's launch, Ubisoft has finally decided to release the game on the PS4, PC and Xbox One - minus the 'U' and minus the multiplayer. In terms of how it actually plays, Zombi is very similar to ZombiU; the level layouts for the campaign are identical, and the only real change comes from the lack of the Wii U gamepad's second screen. Digging into your backpack, scanning for items or tearing down barricades now happens on your TV and, rather than it having the effect of losing tension, as some people had feared, I actually think it improves the overall experience no end.

Graphically there have been quite a few changes though, not least the new field of view which allows you to see much more of the game world than before. I've placed the Wii U and PS4 versions side by side in the graphics and gameplay comparison video below, so do give it a watch if you want to see how they stack up. There's also a few insights into the improved lighting, textures and added gore too.

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