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Video: Eurogamer plays Sonic Dreams Collection

Yeah, this gets pretty weird.

For the most part, I feel like I've got a good handle on what the Internet is all about. I've been on Reddit today, I tell myself. I'm up to date with this week's online controversy and I've got an opinion about it! I'm plugged in. I'm current.

Then I stumble into Sonic Dreams Collection and find myself brought promptly back down to earth. What appeared to be an innocent enough NeoGAF post was in fact the beginning of something much more sinister. Pointed towards an obscure and password protected Tumblr blog, I entered the word 'grandpa' as instructed.

This unlocked access to the Sonic Dreams Collection, a handful of unreleased* prototype games Sega chose not to publish and well, there's no explaining the rest. It's better to just watch.

Cover image for YouTube videoSonic Dreams Collection is messed up

*This is actually a parody project from a group of scoundrels known as the Arcane Kids.