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Video: The best end songs ever

Sing when you're winning (at video games).

When Lethal Weapon 3 got its cinematic release in 1992, my parents dutifully went along to the cinema to watch it. At the end of the credits, they were delighted to discover, there was one last scene - an easter egg to reward those who watched all those names scroll past on the screen. So began an excruciating family tradition.

Every film I have seen with my parents, without exception, I have been forced to sit through the credits on the off chance there's something extra at the very end. I endure it because I love my parents, but it's not easy. This is why I feel so very grateful to any film maker who adds something in alongside the endless scrolling text to ease my suffering. Bloopers, production photos, skits, it really doesn't matter. The point is, they're trying to do something entertaining.

The world of video games is similarly blessed by these wonderful, considerate people who know that scrolling credits could do with a bit of sprucing up. Whether they stick in a ballad from the game's antagonist, a stiffly animated 'live' performance from a metal band or hey, even an expletive-laden rap by Mickey Rourke, these people deserve to be celebrated. Which is exactly what I've tried to do in the video below.

Warning: this video contains potential spoilers for Batman: Arkham Knight.

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