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The Taken King makes big changes to Destiny's weekly activities

Some last-gen players will need to upgrade storage, Bungie warns.

Destiny's weekly activities are getting a complete revamp in upcoming expansion The Taken King.

Weekly Heroic strikes have been ditched in favour of a Weekly Heroic Playlist, which requires you to have a character at level 40 - The Taken King's new level cap.

Rewards have been changed to Legendary Marks (the replacement for Crucible/Vanguard Marks), Bungie explained in its latest blog post.

Now, accounts receive Legendary Marks for completing the first three Weekly Strikes. These awards are received at the Account level rather than the character level, so you'll no longer have to suffer repeating the same strikes with multiple characters to max out your loot. Also, there's a guaranteed Legendary Engram drop from a character's first clear of a Weekly Heroic Strike.

The weekly Nightfall strike has seen further changes, with the removal of its experience point-multiplier buff and full restart wipe should all players die.

Sources of XP and reputation have been adjusted as a result. Burn modifiers remain.

"Our desired Nightfall experience is the weekly ritual where you get together with your friends for a test of thumbskill and allow players to optimise for gear," creative director Luke Smith explained.

"Burn skulls motivate weapon rotation and now the Burn resist talents found on chest pieces will rotate armour.

"The death penalty of being kicked to orbit often leads to players feeling forced to play too safe, rather than running through the world as a monster killing machine.

"Another thing we didn't like about the Year 1 Nightfall was how players could feel forced to play Nightfall as early as possible in the week to maximise the benefit from the Nightfall buff. So, we've shelved that buff until we can reform it into something closer to its original intent - a mark of prestige for having achieved something challenging. We've adjusted sources of XP and Reputation up to account for its absence."

Separately, Bungie has warned PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners that they may need to upgrade their console's storage.

Destiny players on last-gen consoles will need to ensure they have 10GB free on Xbox 360 and 20GB free on PlayStation 3.

Those with smaller storage capacities will need to invest in extra storage or upgrade their console to Xbox One/PS4.

Destiny accounts and characters carry over within your console family of choice.

Activision will even assist you in "finding the right solution for your console's storage space" via its support site.

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